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PCFR Benefactor Program

The purpose of the PCFR Benefactor Program is to insure fiscal longevity for PCFR while at the same time recognizing those members who have made a long-term commitment to our organization.

The program consists of a monetary gift that will be used in part for a long-term funding pool and in part for ongoing operational needs.  The minimum gift is $3,000, with no upper limit of how much a donor may wish to give.  This gift may be broken up into two payments of 50% of the gift over 2 years.

This gift is 100% tax deductible and has the following benefits for five years:

  • Recognition in PCFR organization materials.
  • Recognition on the PCFR website.
  • Recognition at regular meetings and special meetings.
  • Recognition in the Member Muse as a featured member.

The donation will be distributed as follows:

  • to general fund at a rate of 10% of the full contribution each year for 5 years;
  • the other 50% may be designated by the donor for speakers, PCFR Fellows,  new initiatives, memberships, etc., so the person may direct it toward  something of interest;
  • it may be designated towards the general fund as well.

Current Lifetime Benefactors


 Charles Irion

 Karen G. Meyer

 J.P. Millon



 Melissa Sanderson

 Shoshana Tancer


Tel: 602 441-4967

7729 E Greenway Rd, Suite 300, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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